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Woodpecker Natural Wooden Surfboards History

The first hollow wooden framed surfboard was created by legendary surfer and shaper Tom Blake in the 1930’s based on the traditional boards from Hawaii. His longboards became the leading choice for surfers of that era and have become a tourist attraction at the California Museum of Surfing.

The subsequent development of polyester resins and high density foams enabled surfboards to be more quickly and cost effectively available to the fast growing market.

Unfortunately as a result further development of hollow boards was largely abandoned.However wooden surfboards have natural flex and recoil out of turns. Because they are hollow, and subsequently more buoyant, the paddling characteristics are greatly improved. Wooden longboards glide and quickly develop momentum making them ideal for a more “old school” style of surfing.

We have blended Blake’s hollow wooden construction techniques with modern light- weight materials and contemporary designs to create our Woodpecker wooden surfboard range of performance surfboards.

Woodpecker natural wooden surfboards are glassed with revolutionary SUPERSAP plant based epoxy making them totally natural, sustainable and environment friendly.

woodpecker natural wooden surfboard supersap